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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


One of my friend introduced me SEMAMORI.

SEMAMORI is protective amulets, simple and well designed
embroidery stiched onto children`s back of kimono.

It apparently originated mid 15th to begging of 16th centuries.
In old days people believe that devils come from the back and need to charm against them.
Children`s kimonos had less seams than adult and lacked back seam.
So mothers saw semamori  wishing for their babies health because of mortality
babies were higher.

By the way small fish or insects always have ornament by themself
which often like big eyes for against natural enemy.
Mother saw beautiful or fascinate SEMAMORI against devil.

There were various designed and colors.
I find fascinating SEMAMORI.
So I bought a book and learned some of them.
I designed semamori embroideries myself which made in
the thick `washi`(Japanese paper made of natural plant).